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Leg Pain

Leg Pain Treatment in Burbank

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Have you recently been in an auto accident and are now struggling with persistent leg pain? This lingering pain can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks, impacting your mobility and quality of life.

We understand how debilitating and overwhelming this pain can be. Dr. Bijan Nowzari of More Life Chiropractic specializes in nonsurgical leg pain treatment in Burbank. Discover how his tailored treatments can relieve your pain and help you reclaim your life.

Common Causes of Leg Pain After a Car Accident

Leg pain causes may include the following:

elderly man holding his leg because of pain

Nonsurgical Treatment for Leg Pain After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Chiropractic Care

chiropractor doing leg stretches on patient with leg pain

Chiropractic treatment for leg pain focuses on realigning the spine and joints, which can alleviate pressure on nerves and improve overall mobility. Our gentle adjustments are tailored to relieve pain and restore proper function. 


Physiotherapy targets specific leg muscles and joints affected by the accident, using exercises and stretches to reduce pain, increase flexibility, and restore strength. Our personalized approach aims to enhance your recovery and prevent future issues.

Neural Decompression

Neural decompression therapy gently stretches the spine, relieving pressure on compressed nerves. This noninvasive technique promotes healing and reduces pain associated with nerve compression from the accident.

Myofascial Release Techniques

Myofascial release is one of our leg pain treatment services. It involves gentle manipulation of connective tissues to reduce tightness and improve circulation. This technique can alleviate pain, restore range of motion, and enhance recovery after a motor vehicle accident.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Tailored rehabilitation exercises help rebuild strength, flexibility, and endurance in the affected leg muscles. Our comprehensive program aims to restore normal function and reduce pain, enabling you to regain mobility and independence.

Lifestyle Modifications

Lifestyle modifications are integral to managing post-traumatic leg pain effectively. We emphasize ergonomic adjustments, such as proper sitting and standing techniques, to reduce strain on affected muscles and joints. Additionally, we educate on the importance of regular movement and posture awareness to support healing and prevent future discomfort. These changes complement our treatment approach, promoting a sustainable path to recovery and improved quality of life.

Benefits of Leg Pain Treatment

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

man doing a leg stretch

Manual spine adjustments release tension and relieve any pinched or irritated nerves, reducing the production of neuropeptides and cytokines, which help reduce inflammation. 

Improved Mobility and Range of Motion

Through a combination of gentle adjustments, physiotherapy, and exercises, we help you regain the flexibility and strength needed for an active lifestyle.

Faster Recovery and Return to Normal Activities

Chiropractic treatments help with the stiffness and dysfunction of the affected joint, increasing blood flow and speeding up the healing process.

Prevention of Chronic Pain and Long-Term Complications

Early leg pain treatment is crucial in preventing long-term complications. A proactive chiropractic approach not only addresses existing pain but also preempts future issues.

Meet Dr. Bijan

Dr. Bijan Nowzari of More Life Chiropractic has a stellar reputation in Burbank as an experienced chiropractor. He has dedicated his career and life to helping people who have sustained injuries related to vehicular accidents. With expertise in leg pain treatment in Burbank and a commitment to open communication with his patients, he provides personalized, holistic care that brings lasting relief and recovery.

Dr. Bijan will see you through your recovery whenever you need a Burbank leg pain doctor.

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