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Degenerative Disc Disease
old elderly man sitting on the couch holding his back from pain of degenerative disc disease

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment in Burbank

If you've found your way here, you're likely seeking relief from the challenges of degenerative disc disease. At More Life Chiropractic, we're not just about treating symptoms but crafting a personalized path to rejuvenate your spinal health.

Our approach is a commitment to your comprehensive well-being. Degenerative disc disease may have impacted spinal health, but we believe in restoration and revitalization. Join us in exploring the intricacies of our degenerative disc disease treatment in Burbank, where each session is more than a treatment – it's a step towards reclaiming MORE LIFE.

In this journey, we emphasize the integration of treatment with chiropractic care. It's about aligning your body, mind, and spirit towards a harmonious state of health. Let us guide you through a unique experience tailored to your needs. 

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is the wearing down of the intervertebral discs in your spine as time passes. These discs, acting as shock absorbers between your vertebrae, tend to lose their elasticity and water content with age, leading to various discomforts.

Now, let's delve into the reasons behind this degeneration:

hereditary impact of acquiring degenerative disc disease : woman holder her back from spinal pain


As the clock ticks, our discs naturally change. The aging process makes them more susceptible to wear and tear due to reduced water content and elasticity.


Your genetics is vital in determining how strong your intervertebral discs are. Some individuals have a genetic predisposition that makes their discs more prone to early degeneration.

Trauma or Injury

Accidents, repetitive stress, or injuries can hasten disc degeneration. This includes activities like heavy lifting, frequent twisting, or sudden impacts.


Lighting up has consequences for your spine. Smoking diminishes blood supply to the discs, impairing their ability to repair and maintain optimal health.

Poor Posture

Slouching over time can pile on stress to your spine, speeding up disc degeneration. It's a reminder that good posture isn't just about appearances.

Lack of Exercise

man who lacks exercise subject for developing Degenerative Disc Disease

Physical activity is a boon for spine health. The supporting structures around your spine, including the discs, can weaken without it.


Carrying excess weight places an additional burden on your spine, particularly the lower back. This added pressure is a contributing factor to disc degeneration.

Imagine your spinal discs as shock absorbers – over time, they might wear and tear. That's the gradual deterioration we're talking about. This can lead to symptoms like pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility.

By combining degenerative disc disease treatment with chiropractic services, we aim to provide holistic care that makes us different from others. Chiropractic adjustments, coupled with targeted treatments, offer you a comprehensive strategy for recovery.

Our Expert Degenerative Disc Disease Specialist

At More Life Chiropractic, collaboration is at the core of our approach. Our team is dedicated to helping you during your visit, all under the leadership of Dr. Bijan Nowzari. 

With an extensive background in addressing various concerns, Dr. Nowzari specializes in treating personal injuries, workers' compensation cases, sports injuries, neck and back issues, tendonitis, soft tissue injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, bursitis, headaches, and sciatica. We would be delighted to assist you in your recovery from injuries.

Treatment Modalities for Degenerative Disc Disease

Embark on a personalized journey to spinal health at More Life Chiropractic, where our degenerative disc disease treatment service in Burbank redefines your path to well-being.

old elderly man getting spinal adjustment chiropractic care for  Degenerative Disc Disease treatment in burbank

Chiropractic Care

Our cornerstone is chiropractic care, a precise approach that aligns your spine, easing pressure on degenerated discs and fostering overall spinal health.


Complementing chiropractic care, our physiotherapy interventions focus on strengthening supporting muscles, providing stability, and promoting resilience.

Decompression Therapy

Discover relief through decompression therapy, a gentle, non-invasive technique that alleviates pressure on spinal discs, aiding in their rejuvenation.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial release therapy targets the fascia around muscles to release tension, enhance flexibility, and contribute to a more comfortable experience.

Strengthening and Conditioning Programs

Tailored to your needs, these programs strengthen muscles supporting your spine, providing additional stability and contributing to improved spinal health.

Manual Manipulation and Mobilization

Hands-on techniques play a crucial role in our approach. Manual manipulation and mobilization enhance joint mobility, alleviating stiffness and promoting overall comfort.

Targeted Stretching and Exercise Routines

Individually tailored stretching and exercise routines address specific concerns, enhancing flexibility and promoting a more active lifestyle.

Benefits of Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

Living with degenerative disc disease (DDD) can be challenging, but there is hope and relief through effective treatment. Discover personalized care's positive impact on your journey to a healthier, more comfortable life.

Pain Management and Improved Comfort

woman experiencing relief after Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

Say goodbye to persistent back and neck pain! Our treatment options are designed to alleviate discomfort and enhance your daily quality of life. Experience the joy of waking up without the burden of constant pain and rediscover the simple pleasures that come with improved comfort.

Enhanced Spinal Function and Mobility

Regain the freedom to move with treatments that restore spinal flexibility and movement. See and feel the difference as your range of motion improves, allowing you to engage in activities you once thought were out of reach.

Non-Invasive Approach to Healing

Opt for a healing journey that avoids the uncertainties of surgical interventions. Our non-invasive approaches prioritize the natural promotion of spinal health and recovery. Embrace a holistic path to well-being without invasive procedures, allowing your body to heal at its own pace.

Customized Treatment Plans

Your journey to wellness is unique, and so should your treatment plan. Experience the care and attention you deserve with our individualized approaches tailored to your condition's severity and specific needs. Our comprehensive plans integrate various therapies, ensuring you receive the most effective and personalized results.

What to Expect During Your Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Sessions

Let's walk through what you can anticipate during your degenerative disc disease treatment in Burbank sessions – a process designed with your well-being in mind.

chiropractor  performing Initial Assessment and Spinal Examination for Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment on elderly patient

Initial Assessment and Spinal Examination

Your first session sets the foundation for your personalized care. Expect a warm welcome as we delve into a thorough initial assessment and a detailed spinal examination. 

This step allows us to understand your unique needs, the severity of your condition, and any specific concerns you may have. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities, and this initial assessment lays the groundwork for the tailored care you deserve.

Customized Treatment Plan for Degenerative Disc Disease

No two individuals are the same, and neither should their treatment plans be. Following your assessment, we create a customized treatment plan crafted specifically for your degenerative disc disease. 

This plan integrates various approaches, ensuring a holistic and effective path to recovery. We believe in addressing the issue's root, promoting healing, and enhancing your overall quality of life.

Progress Monitoring and Adjustments

Your journey continues after the initial plan. Regular progress monitoring sessions allow us to track your improvements and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. This dynamic approach ensures that your care evolves with your needs, maximizing the effectiveness of each session.

Why Choose More Life Chiropractic for Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

We understand that your journey to spinal health is personal and important. Here's why choosing us for your degenerative disc disease treatment can make all the difference:

Comprehensive Approach to Spinal Health

Chiropractic Services for Holistic Care on Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

We go beyond treating symptoms – our approach is rooted in comprehensive spinal health. 

We commit ourselves to understanding your condition's unique aspects and tailoring a treatment plan that addresses the root causes of degenerative disc disease. We believe in alleviating pain and fostering a holistic well-being that extends to every aspect of your life.

Collaboration with Chiropractic Services for Holistic Care

Your health is a collaborative effort, and at More Life Chiropractic, we believe in a team-based approach. We seamlessly integrate chiropractic services into your treatment plan, ensuring a holistic and well-rounded care experience. This collaboration allows us to leverage the expertise of our diverse team, providing you with a range of tools to enhance your overall health and happiness.

Expertise in Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Techniques

Trust the hands of experts who specialize in degenerative disc disease treatment. Our team has the knowledge and experience to stay current on the latest treatment techniques. From traditional chiropractic methods to innovative approaches, we are dedicated to offering you the most effective and personalized care for your unique journey to recovery.

Embrace Relief from Degenerative Disc Disease with More Life Chiropractic!

Step into a life liberated from the grips of degenerative disc disease with More Life Chiropractic. Our specialized treatment offers relief from persistent pain. It opens the door to enhanced spinal health, improved mobility, and a better quality of life. We invite you to explore the effective solutions we provide for spinal discomfort through our comprehensive approach, collaborative care, and expert techniques. 

Take the proactive step towards a healthier spine by scheduling your degenerative disc disease treatment in Burbank with our friendly and caring team. We're nurturing transformations. Call us today to embark on your journey to a more vibrant and pain-free life – where your spine becomes a source of strength, not limitation.

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