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Hand and Wrist Pain
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Expert Hand and Wrist Pain Treatment in Burbank

Our hands and wrists are our simplest yet most excellent tools. If you’ve been in a car accident, your hands and wrists might have taken a toll following the collision. Hand and wrist injuries after an accident can lead to debilitating pain, significantly affecting our work, daily activities, and quality of life.

Find safe, effective, comprehensive hand and wrist pain treatment in Burbank. More Life Chiropractic offers pain relief with chiropractic care, physiotherapy, manual therapy, myofascial release, and other hand and wrist pain treatment services. Heal your hands and wrists with us today!

Types and Symptoms of Hand and Wrist Injuries After a Car Accident

We often use our hands and wrists to brace for impact during a car accident, making them particularly vulnerable. The sudden impact and force in the collision can result in fractures, sprains, strains, and nerve damage. 

Fractures in the hand and wrist are prevalent in car accidents as the bones in these areas are vulnerable and susceptible to blunt force. Wrist fractures represent about one out of six fractures treated in emergency departments. Other common types of hand and wrist fractures include broken fingers, fractured knuckles, and crushed hands. 

Wrist strains and sprains occur when the tendons and ligaments connecting the bones and muscles in the wrist get stretched or torn due to forceful bending during a collision. Such injuries, along with pinched nerves, can cause nerve damage, especially when left untreated.

These injuries can manifest symptoms like pain, swelling, numbness or tingling, loss of grip strength, and limited range of motion. Fractures, in particular, can also lead to visible hand or wrist deformities depending on their type and severity.

Our Approach to Hand and Wrist Pain Treatment

Experienced Chiropractor examining patient's wrist

Experienced Chiropractor

Get safe and effective treatment from an experienced Burbank hand and wrist pain doctor. Dr. Bijan Nowzari will treat your auto-related hand and wrist injuries carefully. He integrates treatment methods such as chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy, providing holistic care for lasting relief.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

An accurate diagnosis significantly improves our success in treating hand and wrist injuries. We use modern diagnostic tools to assess its cause and severity. Paired with our range of treatment options, we can create tailored treatment plans for your steady recovery. 

Individualized Treatment Plans

Our team commits to providing effective hand and wrist pain relief. We’ll thoroughly assess your injuries and medical history, examining the root cause of your hand and wrist injury, its severity and extent, to make individualized treatment plans just for you.

Nonsurgical Treatment for Hand and Wrist Pain After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Chiropractic Care Treatment for Hand and Wrist Pain After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Chiropractic Care

Experience long-term relief with our chiropractic treatment for hand and wrist pain. Chiropractic care helps relieve nerve pressure, ease pain, and aid recovery by restoring joint alignment and function. We’ll relieve you from your car-related injuries without needing medication or surgery using controlled and careful joint adjustments.


Physiotherapy covers different hand and wrist pain treatment services to promote healing. Our physiotherapy services range from pain management and injury prevention to sports performance enhancement. We can tailor these treatment options to meet your needs and restore your hand and wrist function. 

Neural Decompression

Specialized neural decompression involves gently stretching your hands and wrists to relieve nerve pressure. We use a variety of procedures and exercises to promote circulation and the flow of nutrients, easing pain and enhancing function in the affected areas. 

Myofascial Release Techniques

Myofascial release targets the myofascial tissues around the hand and wrist to ease muscle tension and discomfort. It enhances blood flow, improves mobility, and aids your hands and wrists to heal faster. 

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilization, massage techniques, and other manual therapy approaches can target areas of pain around your hands and wrists. These can help reduce pain and restore function and mobility.

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Neuromuscular reeducation involves repeating specific movements to retrain the brain. It helps support hand and wrist rehabilitation in the long term by activating and strengthening neural pathways, improving movement patterns, and enhancing hand and wrist coordination. 

Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional counseling can help you make gradual, achievable dietary changes to support hand and wrist injury recovery and promote overall health and wellness. Our clinic encourages an anti-inflammatory diet with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, fiber, and vitamin C, which can help ease pain and swelling and promote healing. 

Benefits of Hand and Wrist Pain Treatment

Reduction of Pain and Discomfort

Say goodbye to chronic pain with our comprehensive approach to personal injury care. Our wide array of hand and wrist pain treatment services can address the root cause of pain, providing relief and improving comfort. 

Improved Range of Motion and Flexibility

Restore your hand and wrist’s range of motion with our specialized treatment options, such as physiotherapeutic techniques and manual therapy. These can improve hand and wrist function, mobility, and flexibility.

Enhanced Healing and Tissue Repair

Heal your hand and wrist injuries with treatments like chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and neural decompression. These can ease pain, reduce swelling, and promote tissue repair, enhancing healing. 

Prevention of Long-Term Complications

Treat your hand and wrist injuries early. Getting timely and appropriate treatment can lessen the risk of chronic pain, arthritis, and other long-term issues. Our comprehensive treatment addresses the underlying cause of your injuries to prevent future complications.

Meet Dr. Bijan

Dr. Bijan Nowzari has a stellar reputation in Burbank as an experienced chiropractor. He has dedicated his career and life to helping people who have sustained hand and wrist injuries related to vehicular, sports, and workplace accidents. With expertise in various treatment options and a commitment to open communication with his patients, he provides personalized, holistic care that brings lasting relief and recovery. 

Dr. Bijan will see you through your recovery whenever you need a Burbank hand and wrist pain doctor.

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Find holistic hand and wrist pain treatment in Burbank with More Life Chiropractic! With our trusted chiropractor, advanced diagnostic tools, and individualized treatment plans, we can help you recover from hand and wrist injuries and return to your normal activities. Our doors are open for you or someone you know with hand or wrist pain following a car accident.

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